Consider the general status level of the character's previous life.

  • Did he/she come from squalor and poverty?
  • Did he/she live a comfortable life?
  • Was he/she destined for a greater position later on?
  • What caused him/her to enter into the nebulous and dangerous world of our Star Wars Adventures?
  • Was it because of a single, traumatic event?
  • Was the character put into an untenable situation from which he/she had to flee?

Even something as simple as "my character was a formerly rich heir to noble family" provides a wealth of ideas upon which to build his backstory and determine both his starting Obligation and Motivation.

Backgrounds are not mechanical aspects of character development; instead, they are thematic facets of a character that help define him as more than a set of numbers. Players do not need to give their characters backgrounds, but they help make characters far more interesting.