3. Choosing a Career

What role will your character play in the adventure? How did your character get into this line of work? What asperations does your character have in his or her field?

Choose your character's career (which remains with him permanently) and your starting specialization (which may be only one of many your character undertakes over the course of his story) from any of the lines. Each Career gives you career skills.

It is a good idea to look over all of the options before deciding. The idea is not only to look at the immediate capabilities of a character, but to look forward to that character's growth potential. If you imagines your PC will one day fly a small freighter into certain doom in a desperate battle for the galaxy, it's a very good idea to make sure good piloting options are along the chosen development path.


Each career has specilizations, which give you additional Career Skills. Pay special attention to these skills, as they will most likely become important skills for your character.


Each specilization has a talent tree and talents that you can purchase. These give your character special abilities or advantages as you have adventures in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Edge of the Empire

Age of Rebellion

Force and Destiny

Universal Talent Trees